Adam Tanner
Adam Tanner
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Adam Tanner

"She reminds me so much of my older relatives - the same profound feeling for the ballad, yet with such a clear voice."

-Shelia Kay Adams
Kirk Sutphin

A native speakers of old time Surry County music talking musically about something he knows first hand.

-David Holt
Kirk  Sutphin
Adam Tanner

Adam demonstrates a superb feel for these extremely challenging pieces on both fiddle and mandolin--Smooth and spirited alike.

-Rich Hartness
Adam Tanner
The Hushpuppies

While they do not attempt to slavishly mimic every technical detail from the recordings, they can still capture the essence of that “old sound” so well that you almost expect to hear the crack of the needle as it jumps the scratches of the old 78.

-Gail Gillespie
Editor, The Old Time Herald

The Hushpuppies
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