About Elizabeth

Elizabeth LaPrelle of Cedar Springs, Virginia, is a singer and banjo-player.  She began winning prizes for her singing at a young age, and has dedicated research, passion, and a powerful voice to the ancient art of Appalachian ballad-singing.  

She learned from field-recordings, books, family, friends, and tradition-bearers like Sheila Kay Adams and Ginny Hawker.  At the College of William and Mary, she graduated with a self-designed major in "Southern Appalachian Traditional Performance".

Elizabeth has three albums: Rain & Snow, released in 2004; Lizard in the Spring, released in 2007; and Birds' Advice , released in 2011.  All are ballads and old-time songs from the Appalachians, backed up by Sandy LaPrelle; Jon Newlin and Amy Davis of The Hushpuppies; and the Amazing Jim Lloyd of Rural Retreat, VA.

Elizabeth LaPrelle
284 White Rock Furnace Rd.
Rural Retreat, VA 24368
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