Molly Stouten- Fiddle, Guitar & Vocals

Molly Stouten grew up in Buffalo, New York. Her love of old time music began in Winston Salem, North Carolina in the summer of 1972. She was working in Old Salem Village, reproducing Moravian pottery. That summer she went to her first fiddler’s conventions & began playing the banjo. Upon returning to New York she soon joined the Swamp Root String Band, as their bass player. Later she was an original member of the “Tompkins County Horseflies” . With these groups and on her own she has made several trips to south, going to conventions & visiting old musicians and learning their tunes. Her present love of fiddling began during a bad Vermont winter in 1989.

Molly resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she teaches art at The Canterbury School.

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Masthead photo by Candy Goldman